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Modern life is so busy a term has been coined – ‘hurry sickness’ – we dash from one thing to the next in a constant frenetic rush; often enjoying nothing and worrying about everything. My mindfulness workshops helps you to look at the things that steal your time and joy. You will leave the session with greater insight and tools to start to enjoy life again.

Listening Services – The Boss

I supply a listening service uniquely tailored to you and your organisation.

The Boss

If you are the CEO then you are the one person who probably needs it most. You won’t share your concerns within the organisation and probably the last thing you want to do is take them home. If you need to clear your head, regain focus or even just bounce thoughts in a confidential, therapeutic space this service is for you.

Listening Services – Your Staff

I supply a listening service uniquely tailored to you and your organisation.

Your staff

If you value your staff’s well-being then the staff listening service would be perfect. 70% of work place absence is stress related. Can your business afford not to keep your staff well, motivated and morale high? As a trained counsellor, mentor & chaplain I offer a service which is bespoke to the individual’s needs whether that is to be listened to, guided, signposted or some other therapeutic intervention. I guarantee this service will improve recruitment, retention and sickness absence, thus both making and saving you money.

Project Development

I am a pioneer. I have a history of groundbreaking project development over 20 years. I developed two Interfaith Chaplaincy Courses for the University of Bolton, created a brand new chaplaincy and church at Oasis Academy Media City UK and most recently developed a successful new youth offer in Westhoughton for the Bolton Lad’s and Girl’s Club. If you need a project developing I can support or lead on making it happen.

Creating Ethical Communities (Chaplaincy)

I have post graduate qualifications in Chaplaincy. Chaplaincy is a little understood term. Modern day chaplaincy is less about religious services and more about creating and supporting ethical communities. I have worked in and created several chaplaincies now. I recently advised on setting up a chaplaincy at an Academy in Hereford. The advice I gave included setting up a listening service for students and community, a domestic violence outreach service, a debt management clinic, a reading volunteer service and adult learning sessions. I could help to set up whichever is appropriate to the context, either a chaplaincy or an ethical community.

Ethos Audits

Do you want your organisation to be considered a great place to work? Do you genuinely care about your staff and their welfare? Do you realise that creating a positive culture will have a huge impact on productivity, staff retention, staff recruitment and the success of your organisation? I can carry out an ethos audit and support you to address areas of concern and celebrate success


I have raised funds through a variety of methods for charities, whether hands on by leading the team out with the buckets, through crazy sponsored events like climbing mountains or more practically by finding sources of funding


Whether you are a charity or a business, if you need an event organising I can bring together the resources to make it a great success, whether that is a business network, a dinner, a fundraising event or something else entirely


I have post graduate qualifications in mentoring. Are you the CEO of an organisation? If so, that is a lonely place to be often. I can offer either a mentoring or listening service to you. I can also train you and your team in mentoring skills

Business Enterprise

I believe that in order for the charity sector to become sustainable working in partnership with businesses is key; and for businesses working with charities not only fulfils any corporate social responsibility and feels good it will also help to grow your business. The publicity attached to working effectively with a charity raises the business profile and also gives access to people looking for employment. The benefits are mutual. I can make these connections work for you!


I have set up two successful networking groups for two charities (Zac’s aka The Sycamore Project and Westhoughton Youth Project for BLGC. The networks were attended by a variety of local businesses interested in supporting the charity and making business to business connections. If you need a network setting up and hosting I’d love to help.Or perhaps you need somebody to attend networks or functions and make connections and be a representative for your company?


In these times of austerity the third sector (charity, voluntary and faith) are struggling to survive and to be sustainable. we can work together to create a strategic plan to enable you to work towards being self sustaining


If you need training, particularly in listening skills, mentoring, diversity, vision and values I can deliver for you and if you have a need I cannot meet then I will be able to source a quality individual to deliver

Whether you are a Charity or a Business please get in touch with your needs.

If I can help I will and if not I will know somebody who can!

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