Career Achievements

Bolton Community Trust

I am currently engaged as a consultant to lead on setting up a brand new charity for Bolton. The purpose of the charity is to create a network of ethical businesses who can gather together to make business to business connections but who have a desire to engage with the charity sector to mutual benefit

Westhoughton Youth Project

I developed a brand new youth project for the Bolton Lad’s and Girl’s club. My remit was to engage businesses, the community and key partners to create a provision modelled on the existing Town Centre club in one of the outlying areas of Bolton; where a need had been identified. The project is the first of its kind and the model can be emulated and adapted according to context.

Zac’s Youth Bar aka. The Sycamore Project

Initially, I led the listening service, trained the youth workers in listening skills, non-judgemental behaviours and mentoring and was involved in a variety of ways. In 2014 I returned to Zac’s as a development consultant in order to create sustainability strategies for the charity these included – developing relationships with businesses who offered workshops, mentoring, resources and financial support; created a network; created a patron scheme; raised the public profile of the charity and developed strategic plans in order that they were better placed to continue to offer front line services in times of financial austerity.

Oasis UK

Between 2012 and 2014 I set up a Chaplaincy and developed a team at Oasis Academy Media City UK to pastorally care for the students, staff and wider community and provide a listening service, events, enrichment activities and develop and embed an ethos where everyone could achieve their potential.

In 2012 I set up and led a church at the Academy, which was on the site of the United Reformed Church Salford Central Mission. The church was for the residents of Ordsall and Media City UK and the staff and students of the Academy.,_salford.html

Interfaith Chaplaincy Course

As Chaplain with responsibility for Community Cohesion and Chaplaincy Development at the University of Bolton; and in partnership with Bolton Christian Community Cohesion and the Bolton Council of Mosques (and for the subsequent course also Bolton Hindu Forum and Bolton Interfaith Council) I spearheaded the development of two Interfaith courses along with my fellow course co-ordinator Waleed Shoukhat, from the Bolton Council of Mosques (BCoM). The courses were well attended and gained National recognition.

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